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Budget 2017: Good news for insurance commission agent

Enabling of Filing of Form 15G/15H for commission payments specified under section 194D

The existing provision of sub-section 194D of the Act, inter-alia, provides for tax deduction at source (TDS) at the rate of 5% for payments in the nature of insurance commission beyond a threshold limit of Rs. 15,000 per financial year. Further, the existing provisions of section 197A of the Act , inter-alia provide that tax shall not be deducted, if the recipient of certain payments on which tax is deductible furnishes to the payer a self- declaration in prescribed Form.No.15G/15H declaring that the tax on his estimated total income of the relevant previous year would be nil. Presently, the payment in the nature of income referred to in section 194D is not covered by provisions of section 197A.

In order to reduce compliance burden in the case of Individuals and HUFs, it is proposed to amend section 197A so as to make them eligible for filing self-declaration in Form.No.15G/15H for non-deduction of tax at source in respect insurance commission referred to in section 194D.


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