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Do you know how a Bill becomes an Act

How bills bocome an Act- Step by step prcess

  In the previous article I wrote about the difference between an ORDINANCE and a BILL. Now in this article let us learn about the process of a Bill becoming an Act. A Bill is a draft proposal of law. A Bill will become an Act after it passes through ...

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How Ordinance is different from Bills

What is the difference between Ordinance and Bills

  This is a relevant topic of this season. As you aware, the Government couldn’t pass bills such as Insurance Bill, Coal Bill etc. in the just concluded winter session of the Parliament. But within the last three weeks the government has approved many Ordinances including Insurance and Coal. In ...

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Curious about Ms. J Jayalalithaa’s court case? Read this

Jayalalitha DA Case

  Personal Life Ms. Jayalaithaa Jayaram, 66 years was born at Melukote, Karnataka State, in an Iyengar family. Her father, Mr. Jayaram died when she was 2 years old. Her mother, Vedavalli, eventually moved to Chennai and became an actress in Tamil movies.   Film Life Started her career as ...

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Special Leave Petition


  While writing about Kingfisher Airlines TDS default, my co-panelist CA Prasad mentioned about Speical Leave Petition (SLP) filed by the company at Supreme Court. In this connect, I chose to write about SLP. Article 136 of the Constitution of India gives power to the Supreme Court of India to grant ...

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