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    As part of the IDS exercise, the CBDT is sending email to all efiler of income tax return asking them to declare undisclosed income under income declaration scheme 2016.

    Email Content

    Declare undisclosed income under income declaration scheme 2016. Get immunity from enquiry and prosecution. Scheme open till 30/09/2016. Visit for details.

    e-Filing Team

    If you wish to declare undisclosed income and help in filing declaration you may visit this link

    Tax consultants in Bangalore

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    Thanks for this information . I have also received the same email yesterday and was thinking it as notice ,now based on your above post that this is general email for all e-filer. but still not everyone received this email I have checked from my other friends. I have properly filing the income tax on my salary and fd and saving interest each year. I have not purchased any land or and thing. All my money earned from salary and which is already tax paid .so i was amazed from yesterday that why I received this email. Thanks for confirmations


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    Income tax department continues to send email on income declaration scheme to those who has registered email id in their portal. Your friend may also get email in due course.

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