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How to link Aadhaar with Income Tax Return (ITR)

Income Tax Department has started linking Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the unique identification Number Aadhaar, a step that will eliminate sending ITR – V to CPC.

However, Aadhaar Number can be lined only if Name, Date of Birth, Gender as per Aadhaar Card matches with the details as per PAN data.

Income Tax Department will validate your name, date of birth, gender as per PAN and Aadhaar Number with UIDAI. Please note that if the details do not match, the Aadhaar number will not be linked to your PAN.

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Once Aadhaar- PAN linking is completed, you can E-Verify your return using Aadhaar, if your mobile is registered with Aadhaar. Please note that once Aadhaar linked with PAN you can’t delink Aadhhar Number. At present department has not provided option to delink PAN with Aadhaar. IT department is planning to map all taxpayer details via PAN and Aadhaar. Before linking PAN with Aadhaar read this article

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Step by Step procedure to link Aadhaar with Permanent Account Number(PAN):

Step 1: Login to income tax e-Filing portal

Go to Profile setting –> Aadhar Linked to PAN

Click profile setting to link Aadhar Number
Click profile setting to link Aadhar Number

Step 2: Link Aadhaar :

Enter Aadhar Number and press link now button after following steps mentioned in below screenshot

e-Verify income tax return using Aadhar
e-Verify income tax return using Aadhar


That’s it, you will get email message for successfully linking Aadhaar Number to your PAN.

Aadhar linking with PAN completed



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  • simplifiedlaws

    I don’t see necessity of linking Aadhaar with PAN when you have option to send ITR V to CPC

  • Murugavelu Doraiswamy

    My name in Aadhar Card is printed as Murugavelu.D and in PAN Card it is Murugavelu Doraiswamy. My initial is ‘D’, which is used in all my records except in PAN Card. The expansion of ‘D’ is Doraiswamy, I tried to link Aadhar to PAN, it is not linking, please provide some suggestions.

    • tobins v abraham


      Even i have the same issue.. Have you got any solutions?

      • simplifiedlaws

        You have no other option but to change name in aadhaar by
        providing proof of correct name. You can
        always use initials on all other places except where it is mandatory to provide
        full name.

        • Neha Lega

          but wont updation take a lot of time??