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Newspaper and Milk Delivery Boys Day


The whole world celebrates each day of the year dedicating to some person or to some cause. For example 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day. Similarly, we should mark a day for Newspaper and Milk delivery boys! This article is about them


When most of us wake up in the morning, we have the habit of reading the newspaper along with a cup of coffee. We expect the newspaper to be delivered early morning throughout the year. (Who cares whether it winter or rainy season). It’s our right to get the paper as soon as we get up in the morning.


If there is a delay in delivery, we will call up the vendor or if you are staying in an apartment, shout at the security. Some of the members will make a point in the committee meeting that the paper fellow is not coming on time! You will also get free suggestions for changing the vendor. You will ensure that while paying monthly bill, the issue is brought up with the vendor without fail. The delay in the delivery of the newspaper will bring anxiety, desperation and frustration among many people! (Many people will be walking restlessly waiting for the newspaper)


You will see almost the same reaction towards the milk vendor’s services. It will be a permanent topic in the meetings (including time pass meetings) at apartments.


So, I thought of writing about newspaper and milk vendors. For this, I have interviewed three people namely, a person working in a leading newspaper, a newspaper boy and a milk vendor.


To deliver newspapers at your doorstep at 6 am, the distribution process starts at 3 am. (This is the peak hour of sleep, isn’t it? Come what may, none of us will sacrifice sleep in the early morning hours)


The newspapers get printed around 3 am. Once the paper is out, the distribution team will count the bundles, affix challan/receipt and dispatch them to various depots. The challan contains the name of the salesman, number of copies of each newspaper, depot name, etc.


At the Depot – The newspaper van arrives at the depot between 4 and 5 am. At the depot, the driver and the support staff perform the task of unloading the bundles.


To the Vendors – After sorting out the papers, the depot sell the newspapers to the vendors. The vendors are distribution contractors (not the employees of the paper company). The vendors have to pay the amount towards the paper in cash. (There is a practice of paying in advance by the vendors who distribute over 3000-4000 copies every)


To Home – The vendors sort out the papers and insert pamphlets if any (Note: as per the law, it is prohibited to insert pamphlets).Each vendor will have a team of delivery boys who in turn will deliver the papers to homes.


Income of the vendor – The vendors will get around 30% -40% as commission. For example, he will get Rs.1 for a cover price of Rs.3.50. Apart from the commission; he also makes income on the paper insertions at Rs.15 to 20 per 100 pamphlets. (So, the newspaper won’t make money in selling them. They earn through advertisements)


Salary of delivery boys – Each delivery boy distribute papers to around 70-90 houses. They are paid a monthly salary. The salary ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 per month.


Transportation – The vendors either provide the cycle to the delivery boys or ask them to get their own cycle. Those who get their own cycle will get higher salary.


Now you know how much a newspaper delivery boy gets. Similarly, the distributor of milk also gets Rs. 1.50 to 2.00 per litre of milk. The milk vendors also get up around 3.30 am every single day!


So, there are many people who have to sacrifice their early morning sleep for you to get milk in your coffee and newspapers when you get up from the bed.


We would have doubted whether the housemaid will come tomorrow or an employee will come the next day! Have we ever doubted whether newspaper will come tomorrow? Milk will be delivered tomorrow?It is guaranteed that they will be delivered without fail. Do you all agree that this service (though we pay money) definitely needs our appreciation?



Thought for the day

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success” by A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.


(Note: Sri A P J Abdul Kalam started his career as newspaper boy! He used to distribute newspapers along with his cousin Samsuddin)


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