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  • Siddaramu Prakash

    I have taken loan for construction of house from a Co-Operative society during 2008-09. Construction was completed during August 2009 and self Occupied. During 2010-11, the loan was taken over by State Bank under all purpose mortgage loan and the loan was cleared during Sept 2012. Am I eligible to claim the benefits under 80c for the principle and interest paid to State Bank till the loan is cleared

  • chinju

    sir, my mother gets a notice from the income tax department on depositing more than 10 lakhs in the bank account. this money is received by selling a property. and it is deposited in a bank and then it transfeered to FD. after 1 month we just withdrew it and give it to a relative for buying a land. my mother is a housewife. she has no other income. whether she need to pay tax ?