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What are the Steps involved in Filing Online Rectification?

This article explains how to file online application u/s 154 of the Income-tax Act 1961 

Following are the Steps involved in Filing Online Rectification:

Step 1: LOGIN to E-Filing Portal and GO TO ‘My Account’, ‘Rectification Request.’

Step 2: Select the Assessment Year from the drop down for which Online Rectification to be filed, enter Latest Communication Reference Number (As mentioned in CPC Order) and latest CPC Order Passed Date (As mentioned in CPC Order).

Step 3: Select the “Rectification Request Type”:

  • Tax Payer correcting Data for Tax Credit Mismatch only: Once Tax Payer clicks, three check boxes TDS, TDS and IT will be displayed. Tax Payer can select the check box for which the data needs to be corrected. Based on the selection, TDS, TCS and IT fields are displayed.
  • Tax Payer is correcting the data in Rectification: Tax Payer needs to select the reason for Rectification, Schedules being Changed, Donations and details regarding Capital Gains if Upload XML.
  • No further Data Correction required, Reprocess the Case : Once Tax Payer, three Check Tax Credit Mismatch, Gender Mismatch, Tax / Interest Mismatch will be displayed. Select the Check box where Reprocessing is required.


Step 4: Click on “Submit” button.

Step 5: On successful completion, an acknowledgement number got generated and sent for Processing to CPC, Bangalore

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