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Aadhar Based Paperless DSC
"Aadhaar based Digital Signature can be issued ONLY by capturing Fingerprint of applicant & by entering Aadhaar Card Number of Applicant"

What is Aadhaar Based Paperless DSC & Who can Obtain this

I have received a mail from one of the licensed Registration Authority about offering aadhaar based paperless DSC Digital Signature Certificates. I thought of sharing the information with you all.

With Launch of Digital India Campaign by Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi on 01 July, 2015 , CCA has introduced Concept of Aadhar Based Digital Signature Certificates. Aadhar Based Paperless DSC Facility is available with e-Mudhra Ltd as for now.


What is Aadhar Based Paperless DSC & Who can Obtain this:

Aadhaar based Digital Signature can be issued ONLY by capturing Fingerprint of applicant & by entering Aadhaar Card Number of Applicant.

This DSC can be obtained by any person who is having valid Aadhaar Card Number. This DSC can be used for ITR e-Filing, ROC/MCA e-Filing, VAT , Service Tax, Form 16/16A Signing.

How Practicing CA / CS / Advocate / ICWA / Tax Consultants / TINFC / TRPs & Other Similar Professionals can Benefit of this Concept:

W.e.f 01-07-2015, guidelines has been changed to obtain DSC. Like Attestation can be done only by Bank Manager or Gazette Officer or Postmaster, Signature of Applicant must be in Blue INK, Phone Number must be unique, Phone verification, Self Attested ID Proof is required of Attesting Officer before issuance of DSC and many more.

To Overcome these problems and hassle-free DSC Issuance, Aadhaar Based Paperless DSC is easiest way to issue DSC.

1. licensed Registration Authority will provide you a Authorized Associates Panel to Issue Paperless DSC.

2. Capture Fingerprint of Applicant in Biometric Device provided by licensed Registration Authority and enter Aadhaar Number in provided Associate  Login and Choose Certificate Details.

3. Submit the Chosen Details to issue DSC. Request will go to licensed Registration Authority and after review, they will Issue DSC.

4. Download the DSC and Handover to Client.

Benefits of Aadhaar Based Paperless Digital Signature Issuance:

  1. Money Saving: In Retail, Single DSC Avg cost with USB Token in Market is 700/-. In Case of Associate login, this cost may reduce by Rs. 100-200 Per DSC.

  2. Time Saving : To Send Hard Copy of Application Form & Documents by hand or Courier and Issuance it take Approx. 1-2 Days. In Case of Aadhaar Based DSC issuance of will be 1-2 Hours Approx.

  3. No Hard Copy Required, No Supporting Documents Required : It is Paperless in case of Aadhaar Based.

  4. No Attested Documents Required

  5. Fastest Issuance

  6. Anytime Anywhere Enrollment / Registration Facility.

How to Issue Aadhar Based Paperless Digital Signature

  1. To Issue Aadhar Based Digital Signature, You need Aadhar Card Number of Applicant and Fingerprint of Applicant.

  2. Enter Aadhar Number of Applicant in RAA Login and Take Fingerprint of Applicant in Bio Metric Machine. All records will get fetched from UIDAI website and will get submit to Registration Authority. No need to submit any Application Form OR Supporting Documents to Registration Authority.

  3. Registration Authority will verify the details and will issue the DSC. Download the DSC and provide the same to client.


Comparison with normal process of Individual DSC:

Activity Normal Process ( Paper Based ) Aadhaar eKYC ( Paperless )
Physical Application Form Required Not Required
ID/Address Proof / Photo Required Not Required
Attestation by GO/BM/PM Required Not Required
Signature in Blue Ink Required Not Required
RA/RAA Signature on form Required Not Required
Mobile Verification Required, from 31-July-2015 Not Required
Video Verification Required, from 31-July-2015 Not Required
Challenge Code for Download Receive only through SMS Define your own
Issuance time Average 1-2 days Average 15 Minutes


How to Issue Paper-based DSC for Applicant Who is not Having Aadhaar Cards.

  1. To Issue Digital Signature for Applicant who is not having Aadhaar Card Number you need applicant’s duly filled Application Form with Attested ID & Address Proof.

  2. Enter the provided details of Applicant in RAA Login, Submit the Application Form physically to nearestRegistration Authority by hand or Courier.

  3. After verification Registration Authority will issue the DSC if application is found duly complete.

How to become RAA with e-Mudhra Ltd ( To become RAA , Minimum 10 Qty is Must)

  1. Send your following details to e-Mudhra Ltd :

  • Organization Name / Contact Name:

  • Address & Place :

  • e-Mail ID :

  • Mobile No. :

  • PAN No. :

     2. e-Mudhra Ltd will send your Digitally Signed Agreement with your details.

     3.  You need to Digitally Sign the Agreement with Class 2 Digital Signature and send the same to e-Mudhra Ltd by mail.

     4. e-Mudhra Ltd will create your RAA Login & transfer your Qty of DSC in your RAA Login and will Courier the USB Tokens to you.

     5.  Cost for Biometric Fingerprint Machine will be Approx. 4000/- Including Courier Charges.

     6 . Biometric Machine is not required to issue Non-Aadhar Based Digital Signature.

     7.  You can issue Paper-based as well as Paperless Digital Signatures from same RAA Login.

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