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Four issues which are glaringly missing in Swachh Bharat Mission


There is no doubt about the need of this noble mission. I had written Mission Clean India 360 article much before this mission was launched. I have been closely watching the progress of this mission from the time it was unveiled. Unfortunately, I have not noticed the action about the following 4 issues.


Issue # 1: Public toilets: I travel everyday through Lalbagh of Bangalore. I have observed that the whole stretch of compound wall of Lalbagh doubles as a public toilet! I understand that the whole of Bangalore has less than 500 public toilets. (The population of Bangalore is 1.20 Crores) Honestly, the major benefit of big malls in Bangalore is their plush toilets, but for them our city would have been even more filthy. I am not finding any plan in Swachh Bharat mission to renovate or construct new toilets.  


Issue # 2: Garbage Disposal: I can only find our Neta’s and English Speaking Intellectual Class (ESIC) people sweeping the roads and footpaths. Okay, fair enough, good initiative. But what will be done with the collected waste after sweeping? Where will we dispose it off? What about electronic waste, apart from wet and dry waste?  I am not finding a solution for garbage problem in Swachh Bharat Mission.


Issue # 3: Drainage system: If I take the example of Karnataka, except the Central Business District (CBD) of Bangalore and some parts of Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, nowhere else one can find a closed drainage system. The filth is all around. Without addressing this issue, how can Swachh Bharat be successful?


Issue # 4: Usage of Plastics. What is stopping the government to ban the production of plastic bags, cups, spoons, etc? There is no need to mention about the multiple problems from the usage of plastics. But somehow, there is no statement by the law makers about banning plastics.


Without addressing the above issues, how can Swachh Bharat be successful? If any of the readers come across any initiative taken by the government in the above areas, kindly share information with our other readers.


Thought for the day

Just like sweeping the streets, let’s sweep the unnecessary things from our mind and keep it clean!

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