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Why is our country like this?

When I say ‘Why is our country like this?’ so far no one has asked ‘Like what’? Probably, this one question does not need any explanation or background. Everyone understands this question has something to do with ‘public infrastructure’, ‘politics or judiciary’ of this country.

I am trying to find the reasons why our country has such poor public infrastructure, administration and judiciary. Some of the reasons could be –

A section of the society wants this country to be like this. This section of the society, though less in numbers are a majority in decision making, implementation, etc. Who are these people? The Politicians, bureaucrats and their Chamchas, Chelas and side-kicks. (You may understand these terms better than their sophisticated versions)

Why do they want this country to be like this? Probably, they are the least affected by the poor infrastructure. For example –

Power – They have palatial houses or farm houses with generator backup 24*7. What difference does it make to them if there is no power in the country?

Footpath – They never get down and walk on footpaths. They have servants, drivers who will take them to the spot (it can even be to the main entrance of the temple/shrine). They can park their vehicles wherever they feel like. (Can they get this facility if they make everything organized like abroad?)

Water – If I am wrong, put an RTI application and check. These powerful kings (consider that a Corporator of a small area is also as a King) get water through special water pipes (big size) to their home and have sufficient storage space. So, they will not have any water problem, even if water doesn’t come for 15 days!  If there is no water in the community, why should they be bothered?

Unparallel Privileges – These Kings (when I say king – you have to include their Chamchas, Chelas, side-kicks and their relatives) are enjoying privileges (VIP treatment) wherever they go. They needn’t stand in a queue in temples, they will get special attention at private weddings, they will get reserved seats at public events, and they will also get Free Passes to international matches and events, preferred membership at elite clubs, and so on.

Now tell me, if the country becomes organized, will these kings continue to get the privileges? So, they are scared! Will these shameless people get such benefits elsewhere in the world?

Easy money – These people (the kings) somehow amass wealth. Somehow includes cheating, scheming, scams, extortion, corruption and other illegal methods. They will invest the wealth in marriage halls, educational institutions, commercial complexes, etc. They will start earning good income through rent or other means. In India, no one questions the ‘means of earning money’. These kings would have rose from Rs.5000 income per month to Rs.5 Crore per month.

Society will never question these kings!

Intellectuals – These kings are either illiterates or less educated. They lean on some intellectuals (well learned, English speaking, white colored coolies) to assist them in Public Relations. These intellectuals are nothing but side-kicks, they are also happy being in the limelight. They will also make some assets (some means atleast 4000 sft of site in prominent layouts of Bangalore, Mysore, etc.), some awards (state awards, if not more), recognition, satisfaction of ‘influence’ over the power centers!

I don’t want to elaborate from here. The fact of the matter is that a section of the population, say, on an all India basis, around 10 Lakh people are controlling the entire society. These goons are not allowing any growth of this country. These goons are getting benefits, facilities which no other country is offering to their Prime Ministers or Presidents. So, they are in a comfort zone. They are just reluctant to give up their privileges.

If the country improves, justice is delivered in 12 months; these people will go behind bars. Tell me, if you and I have to face the trial in 12 months, will we bring in such changes? Come on, it’s common sense.

We, the people of this country will toil till our life end watching the drama of influential modern kings. Will this country change? A million dollar question

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    Right is protected by might according to Jurisprudence. But right should have been protected by the might of justice. Again, justice is not defined concretely that varies court to court where laws are interpreted from different points of law that is clear in different case laws of similar facts in issue. The law makers are the first law breakers in many cases. So, imbalance will prevail until true maturity of the citizens. In a country like ours where majority people are illiterate, economically not sound, spiritual and political fields are worn and weak, there intellectual people will take their own chances, there’s no doubt. i think we have to revise again with a new beginning. Thanks

  • braja lal devnath

    Very nice article read here and praisable. It’s nice that “equal laws for all and equal protection for all” as per our Constitution. We certainly need reconstruction of many important things in the field of administration including police administration, Judiciary and taxation laws from grass root level to cope with the prevailing system defaults but it’s not possible because of lack of honesty in our humanly senses. It’s seen that some officers say very nice words regarding our system defaults but they themselves are nice contributories to that defaults but they forget at that time. As far as law is concerned, Passing law is not enough but execution of law in proper sense is the main question. Again, law must be bearable by the common people but where moral value lacks among the people, no law is useful practically. Every immoral act is felt as good and is used to occupy power, money and wealth because after acquiring these, people themselves praise him without blaming him and all faults are seen as unseen. A day will come good people will prevail faster than the system breakers. Waiting for that day. Thanks