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Things to do when you turn 18

“How quickly she has grown! I still remember seeing her as an 8-month-old baby! She was not even one foot long, now I have to look up to talk to her! Time flies”. This is how the parents react when their child turns 18 years old, am I right?  (In …

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Documenting the money trail

The phrase money trail is scary! It is often associated with investigations into financial crimes. However, I am using the same phrase but not related to investigation or crime. It has to do with our financial transaction management. So, what exactly is a money trail in our context? It involves …

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What is missing in our Bangalore?

Having spent the first two decades of my life in a village, I consider myself a village boy. Since 1991, I have been living in Bangalore, so I call myself an Old Bangalorean too. This way I am blessed to have the experience of both rural and urban worlds. Today …

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