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Brands and their relevance in your ecosystem

Are you brand conscious? I am not a brand freak and thus, I am branded as a boring person! Yesterday, one of my long-term friends visited our home. While conversing he took me to a different world of Brands. It was fun indeed. He asked me to guess the price …

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Checklist for filing Income Tax Return

The taxpayers must be more attentive than ever before while filing their Income Tax Returns as the Tax department through 360-degree profiling is capturing most of your financial transactions.  But they are not keeping you in the dark. These details are made available for your review. It is wise to …

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Why Politicians don’t retire?

A 52-year-old politician calls himself a young; youth leader. A 75-year-old politician draws his career plan for the next 10 years. A 90 years old person is getting ready to contest the next general election which is 2 years away from now. None of the politicians retire, but they send …

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