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CA Pavan Pal Sharma | B.Com, ACA

CA Pavan Pal Sharma | B.Com, ACA
He is a chartered accountant specializing in equity mobilization and financial structuring. He has secured All India 3rd Rank in CA Final Examination, 30th Rank in CA Intermediate Examination and 7th Rank in CA entrance Examination. He specializes in International Taxation, Entry India Strategies and Business consultancy services. He can be reached at [email protected]

One-day seminar on GST – Balakrishna Consulting & ClearTax

GST Seminar in Bangalore

One-day seminar on GST – Balakrishna Consulting & ClearTax April 15, 2017 at President Opal, Jayanagar 3rd Block We, at Balakrishna, have constantly strived to offer our clients the very best. As our nation is gearing up for the biggest tax reform in recent years, we are leaving no stone unturned to educate ...

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Mr. Kejriwal – Please refund my membership fee

Mr. Kejriwal - Please refund my membership fee.

The story of human evolution is a fantastic one. While the planet we call our home is many thousands of million years old, human history is quite recent. We can confidently say that humans are the current masters of Earth; but given how recent our origin was, one begs to ...

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Tax Changes wef 1st June 2016

Changes in Indirect and direct Tax wef 1-6-2016

Amendments in tax laws from 01-June-2016 [Changes proposed by Finance Act 2016] The Finance Act 2016 has proposed certain changes that come into effect from 01-June-2016. The changes are important as they may impact the way in which you transact with your customers / vendors & may require a modification to your billing ...

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A Patriot’s Verse


Many, if not all of you, would have heard of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS. RSS was established way back in the year 1925 by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, who by profession was a doctor. It was his vision to bring back those bygone days of glory that ancient ...

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Who is the mightiest?

a footprint on the moon

Who is the mightiest?     What is the most powerful matter or element on this planet? Is it the might of massive armies? the muscles that make our body? ink that flows through a learned quill? the achievements of science? Nay… The most powerful of them all is an ...

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Indians are the most tolerant people in the World

Of late, there has been a great debate about how intolerant Indians (and specifically Hindus) are. Eminent personalities have returned their awards. The situation became grave when few people lost their lives. We witnessed heated discussions on television shows and also had heated discussions with friends and colleagues. Rallies and ...

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Kathmandu Diary by CA Pavan

Swayambhunath is a Buddhist Stupa located to the west of Kathmandu

One of our panelist CA Pavan partner of Balakrishna Consulting LLP a startup consulting firm,  had been to Kathmandu a few months back (before the earthquake) and here this a journal of his travel. Hope you like this. Day 0 – 3rd April 2015 I landed on the 3rd of April ...

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