Public Provident Fund | a very good investment option

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 Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind

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 Public Provident Fund | a very good investment option

  • As the name suggests, PPF is for general public. Those who invest into EPF (employees) can also open PPF account and invest upto Rs.1 lakh per year
  • You can open this account in SBI, ICICI or post office, etc.
  • The difference between PPF and Bank FD/NSC is the interest from PPF is tax free
  • NRI’s are not allowed to open PPF account
  • There is no need to deposit Rs.1 lakh per year; you can deposit a minimum amount of Rs.500 also
  • This account is valid for 15 years; however there is a provision of taking loan after 3rd year and partial withdrawal after 6 years.
  • You will get income tax exemption u/s 80C

I will post a detailed analysis of PPF account in FAST FACT later this month.

Those who have long term goals or requirements such as Kids higher education, marriage, etc should invest in PPF account. Don’t miss this investment option

Professional Etiquette+

Conversation | Meeting | Interrupting.  The only time it’s okay to interrupt in the middle of a sentence is when you need to communicate something that honestly can’t wait  (say, for a Coffee break!).  Even then, precede what you say with “I’m sorry to interrupt” or so..

 Plus Point

“His Excellency President of India; His Excellency Governor of Karnataka”.

In India, The President of India and Governors of Indian states were addressed as His Excellency/Her Excellency

The above protocol was borrowed from British rule. So, India thought of localizing these protocols.

  • In case of Excellency, the word ‘Honorable’ be used
  • After Honorable, the traditional greeting of Shri/Smt be used
  • However, “Excellency” will be used only for interaction of leaders with foreign dignitaries as is customary international practice
  • In Hindi for the word ‘Excellency’ it was used as ‘Mahamahin” and now the changed version is “Rashtrapati Mahoday/ Rashtrapatiji

Thank you Honorable Shri Pranab Mukharji for this welcome change!. Can you also suggest the Government to change or abandon all the age-old labour or tax laws or general acts and make it more relevant? 

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