Why are Adani Group Stock prices falling?

A quick recap. Earlier this week (14th June) Economic Times reported that trading accounts of three Mauritius-based funds that have invested in Adani Group Shares are frozen by National Share Depository Limited (NSDL) due to non-compliance. As a fallout of this news, the Adani Group company share prices tumbled in …

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The Vaccine quandary

Disclaimer:  Doctors, scientists, drug companies, and the Government are doing their best to help society overcome the pandemic. I understand that Covid is a new thing to all, they are also experimenting to get the best results. No complaints and no grievances against anyone. Having said that, as a layman …

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My observations after walking in Lalbagh

I tried many things to keep myself fit. Went to the gym for couple of months (bought new shoes, gym kit, one year subscription, personal trainer, etc.), but lost interest half way, then tried treadmill at home. Treadmill is better used to hang clothes at home than as a fitness …

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What you need to know about the Tenancy Act 2021

The provision of housing or renting of properties is regulated by the State Governments. Accordingly, each state government has its own law and in Karnataka, we have The Karnataka Rent Act, 1999 (as amended in 2001). This law is mostly on paper, not actively used by the parties concerned. To …

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I am Covid Certified

In the past 14 months, all of us have been bombarded by many institutions and forums through their webinars, seminars, workshops, Certified courses, etc. To this list, I am adding one more today- Covid Certified Patient. The facts. I was tested Covid Positive and am back to normal now. 9th …

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Can I make money from F&O Trading

How can I make money from Future and Options Trading? Can I earn second source of Income from F&O? I understand big money can be made from F&O Trading. What are the ways or tips to make money from F & O Trading? Stay away from F&O Trading. Investment pundits …

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Dear hypocrites, Beware of False Entries!

We often cross paths with many individuals who hail all the actions of the Central Government against corruption, as if they are the paid brand ambassadors. Happy to see such citizens!  Sadly, when we scrutinize their books, we find it full of dead rats and rodents (creative accounting!). Such people …

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Protection to Parents

Did you know there is an Act that defines the terms “Parents and Senior Citizens”? As per Section 2(d) of The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, Parent means father or mother whether biological, adoptive or step-parent and includes father-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandparents, whether or not …

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Positive Pay system for Cheque Transactions

A couple of years back, on a sunny day, I received a call from my banker, Canara Bank, stating that there is a mismatch in my signature on a cheque which had come for clearing! It was no surprise to me, as I had a lot of variations in my …

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