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Happy Women’s day

Good afternoon friends

What is this – women’s day? One more borrowed concept from the west? Is it not a weird concept in Indian context?

Let it be; I am not interested in such ‘time pass’ elite debates.

On this occasion of women’s day; I don’t want to write on ‘women empowerment’, I spare this topic to Rahul Gandhi; Let our PM talk of Beti bachao Beti Padhao; Mahileyara Sabalikarana is the topic which our Siddu will speak; safety of women, equality for women, etc are the pet topics of English Speaking Intellectual Class (ESIC) people of this country. As I speak here now, they are speaking and wasting hours and hours debating on this topic in all national, local, street and galli TV channels.

What I want to speak as an ordinary citizen, a simple human being is that what we see on our day to day life.

Women as a mother or wife, does many activities which goes unnoticed. Right from LKG to when we gain 60 KG, she will get up early in the morning, cook good, pack lunchbox for us. This work alone is sufficient for to us be indebted to her rest of the life. This is not a simple task. This type of works are done by mother or wife or sisters’ day in and day out, throughout the year and for years! They are thankless jobs;, but carried out by them selflessly!

So, I wish we all use this occasion to hug and thank them for their contribution in our life. It may look a little old to do out of context; but please do it

Even a simple thank you over phone will go a long way!


Thought for the day

Women are the real architects of society

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