Bangalore Income Tax Jurisdiction List of Company assessees and their Directors










Jurisdictions of Corporate assessees & their Managing Director/Directors/Managers/Secretary’s in Bengaluru with effect from 15th November, 2014

S. No.Alphabet / other areasWard[in Bengaluru]Circle[in Bengaluru]Range[in Bengaluru]CIT ChargeCCIT Region
1“AA” TO “AL”ITO, WARD-1(1)(1)CIRCLE-1(1)(1)RANGE-l(l)pr. crr/ciT, B-iPR. CCIT, B’LURU
2“AM” TO “AZ”ITO, WARD-1(1)(2)CIRCLE-1(1)(1)RANGE-l(l)pr. cit/cit, B-iPR. CCIT, B’LURU
3“BA“ TO “BL”ITO, WARD-1(1)(3)CIRCLE-1(1)(2)RANGE-l(l)pr. cit/cit, B-iPR. CCIT, B’LURU
5”CA” TO “CL”ITO, WARD-2(1)(1)CIRCLE-2(1)(1)RANGE-2(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-2CCIT, B’LURU-1
6“CM” TO “CZ”ITO, WARD-2(1)(2)CIRCLE-2(1)(1)RANGE-2(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-2CCIT, B’LURU-1
7“D”ITO, WARD-2(1)(3)CIRCLE-2(1)(2)RANGE-2(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-2CCIT, B’LURU-1
8urnITO, WARD-2(1)(4)CIRCLE-2(1){2)RANGE-2(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-2CCIT, B’LURU-1
9“F” /Company cases of Ramanagar DistrictITO, WARD-3(1)(1)CIRCLE-3(1)(1)RANGE-3(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-3CCIT, B’LURU-1
10“G”ITO, WARD-3(1)(2)CIRCLE-3(1)(2)RANGE-3(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-3CCIT, B’LURU-1
11“H”ITO, WARD-3(1)(3)CIRCLE-3(1)(2)RANGE-3(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-3CCIT, B’LURU-1
12himITO, WARD-3(1)(4)CIRCLE-3(1)(1)RANGE-3(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-3CCIT, B’LURU-1
13“J” or “L” /Company cases of Kolar DistrictITO, WARD-4(1)(1)CIRCLE-4(1)(1)RANGE-4(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-4CCIT, B’LURU-1
14“K“ITO, WARD-4(1)(2)CIRCLE-4(1)(1)RANGE-4(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-4CCIT, B’LURU-1
15“MA” TO “ML”ITO, WARD-4(1)(3)CIRCLE-4(1)(2)RANGE-4(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-4CCIT, B’LURU-1
16“MM” TO “MZ”ITO, WARD-4( 1)(4)CIRCLE-4(1)(2)RANGE-4(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-4CCIT, B’LURU-1
17“N”ITO, WARD-5(1)(1)CIRCLE-5(1)(1)RANGE-5(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
18“O”ITO, WARD-5(1)(2)CIRCLE-5(1)(2)RANGE-5(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
19“PA” to “PC”ITO, WARD-5(1)(2)CIRCLE-5(1)(2)RANGE-S(l)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
20“Q”ITO, WARD-5(1)(2)CIRCLE-5(1)(1)RANGE-5(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
21“PD” to “PZ“ITO, WARD-5(1)(3)CIRCLE-5(1)(2)RANGE-5(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
22“R”ITO, WARD-5(1)(4)CIRCLE’S) 1)( 1)RANGE-5(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-5CCIT, B’LURU-2
23“SA” to “SG7 Company cases of Chikkaballapur DistrictITO, WARD-6(1)(1)CIRCLE-6(1)(1)RANGE-6(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-6CCIT, B’LURU-2
24“SH” to “SL“ITO, WARD-6(1)(2)CIRCLE-6(1)(1)RANGE-6(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-6CCIT, B’LURU-2
25“SM” to “SO”ITO, WARD-6(1)(2)CIRCLE-6(1)(2)RANGE-6(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-6CCIT, B’LURU-2
26“SP” to “SS“ITO, WARD-6(1)(3)CIRCLE-6(1)(2)RANGE-6(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-6CCIT, B’LURU-2
27“sr to “SZ”ITO, WARD-6( 1)(4)CIRCLE-6(1)(2)RANGE-6(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-6CCIT, B’LURU-2
28“TA“ to “TO”ITO, WARD-7(1)(1)CIRCLE-7(1)(1)RANGE-7(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-7CCIT, B’LURU-2
29TP” to “TZ” or “U”ITO, WARD-7(1)(2)CIRCLE-7(1)(1)RANGE-7(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-7CCIT, B’LURU-2
30VITO, WARD-7(1)(3)CIRCLE-7(1)(2)RANGE-7(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-7CCIT, B’LURU-2
31W” or “X“ or “Y“ to “Z“ITO, WARD-7(1)(4)CIRCLE-7(1)(2)RANGE-7(1)PR. CIT/CIT, B-7CCIT, B’LURU-2
Company cases having total income of Rs. 30 Lakh and above, will be assessed with the respective DCIT/ACIT

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