Are you unable to link Aadhaar with PAN due to mismatch of the name? Here is the solution

Recently income tax department has introduced electronic verification of income tax return. Income tax return can be verified now by generating an Electronic Verification Code or EVC. If you verify your return via EVC, you are no longer required to send signed physical copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore.

At present, if you have total income is more than Rs. 5.00 Lakh or claiming refund, there are three methods of generating EVC

  • EVC through Aadhaar OTP
  • EVC through net banking
  • EVC through ATM

EVC through Aadhaar will require you to link Aadhaar number with PAN. We have been receiving many queries from our clients that they are not able to link Aadhaar with PAN due to mismatch of the name. However before linking you must read article “IT dept plans to map all taxpayer“.

You will not be able to link Aadhaar Card with PAN if the following data of Aadhaar don’t match with PAN data.

  • Name including spelling
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

If there is a mismatch of name, Date of Birth or gender, first you need to amend either PAN or Aadhaar data before linking with PAN.


PAN Correction:

If you need to change information in your PAN card, you have to apply for change or correction in PAN data. You can submit PAN correction Form 49A along with proof of identity and proof of address.


Aadhaar Correction:

If you have done any mistake in address at the time of filling Aadhaar enrollment application form or you have recently migrated to a new address or there is a mismatch of name, Date of Birth or gender, you can get them changed very easily.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided online portal facility to allow people to change incorrect details that are printed on their aadhaar card.

You have two options through which you can change your details. Online method and Offline method. You can update your details through the aadhaar website in online method by following a couple of steps. Other than the online method, you can also use offline method, in which you can use send your corrected details to the UIDAI enrolment centres using the postal service.


Procedure to change Aadhaar Data through Online Method: 

Any resident with mobile number can update their profile using UIDAI portal. Mobile Number is mandatory to receive password for login.

Step 1: Visit Aadhaar self service update portal by clicking this link

Step 1: If you have registered mobile number with Aadhaar (provided at the time of enrolment or updated subsequently), enter your Aadhaar Number to get an OTP (One Time Pin) at that mobile.

(If you have not registered your mobile with Aadhaar or you have lost/do not possess anymore, you will have to either visit nearest Update Centre or send your Update request through Post.)

Step 2: Enter OTP and captcha to login to the Update Portal

Step 3:  Select the fields you want to be updated /corrected. You can select more than one field also and fill the fields with current details in English as well as your Local Language.

Step 4: Depending on the field to be updated, attach original scanned (with color scanner) copies of supporting documents as per the Valid Documents List. Refer Link for valid documents.

  • Name Correction / Update: provide supporting documents having name and photo
  • Date of Birth Correction: provide supporting documents having date of birth
  • Address Corrections/Change: provide supporting documents having name and address
  • Mobile and Gender Change: No documents required to be submitted for Mobile and Gender correction.

Review the data entered for correctness and completeness in English as well as local language. Note that Date of Birth will not appear in local language. Also any numeric figures will not be transliterated in local language.

You do not have to submit all the proof documents. You have to submit only the document/s which is/are required to support the Change/ Correction. For eg. You need not attach an Address proof if you change your Date of Birth or your Name.

Step 5: Submit the request. Note down your Update Request Number (URN) carefully for future reference and tracking. You can also download /Print your Update Request copy.

If you want to track your aadhaar card updation status, you can click here and see the results using your Update Request Number

Aadhaar letter with updates will be delivered at the given address only in case of Update/Correction in Name, Address, Date of Birth and Gender. For Update of Mobile number, the notification will be sent on the given mobile number


Procedure to change Aadhaar Data through Offline Method:

Step 1: First of all download the Aadhaar Update/Correction Form from the link

Step 2: Fill the Update request form in capital letters and mention the Mobile number correctly. Mobile number is mandatory for sending an update request by post

Step 3: Depending upon the field to be updated, send self-signed (self attested) supporting documents as per the valid documents List attached in Annexure I.

  • Name Correction / Update: provide one of the Proof of Identity (PoI) having name and photo
  • Date of Birth Correction: provide one of the supporting documents having date of birth
  • Address Corrections/Change: provide one of the supporting documents having name and address
  • Mobile and Gender Change: No documents required to be submitted for Mobile and Gender correction.

In case a child is below five years, parent/guardian can sign the copies of documents. In all other cases, the resident must sign the copies of documents themselves

On each document do mention your 12 digit aadhaar number that is issued to you by UIDAI.

Step 4: Mark the envelope as “Aadhaar Update/Correction” on top. Seal the envelope properly and send the Aadhaar Correction form along with the supporting documents to one of the addresses given below 

Address I :

Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address II:

Post Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

Conclusion: Linking PAN with Aadhaar is not mandatory though as soon as logging into e-filing portal it asks you to link PAN with Aadhaar No. However If you wish to link Aadhaar with PAN, you can do so after matching name, date of birth and gender. However before linking you must read this article “IT dept plans to map all taxpayer”. Instead of e-verifying your return by generating EVC through Aadhaar OTP, you can always have option to EVC through net banking and verify your return. It is very easy.

Even if you don’t plan to link PAN  with Aadhaar, it is advisable to make Correction/ updation  of PAN & Aadhaar to match data of both.

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2024 years ago

I am a senior citizen and I am not able to link PAN card with AADHAR card due to mismatch in names. My PAN database shows full name (initial expanded). Name with initial is printed on PAN card in capital letters. Name with initial as per PAN card is printed on Aadhar card in small letters. I don’t have any supporting document showing full name to correct it in aadhar card. I am a salaried person and paying income tax and filing returns every year. I don’t know how to resolve the above problem to comply with the income tax act my request to Income Tax Dept and UDAI is to help us as large people are facing this type problems. Other members in my family are also facing the same problem. Their aadahar cards are without DOB, only birth year is mentioned.

Mahesh Maloo
Mahesh Maloo
2024 years ago

The name on the PAN card and Aadhar card are same but the name in the govt portal has ‘kumar’ added to first name. Where is the issue and how to resolve it?

Yogesh Dave
Yogesh Dave
2024 years ago

dear sir
i am bit in trouble as my family all pan card and adhar card is not linked.
i tried hard but I find no solution.
i have net banking in sbi but e verification and adhar card is not accepted at sbi portal despite registered phone number with SBI branch
other adhar card without any register pnone number
one adhar card with pancard with mobile number not getting linked so just suggest solution.
adhar card involvement is realy headach for general population

2024 years ago


Here is a good Blog You might Come across Interesting that we encourage you to visit.

Babu Mane
Babu Mane
2024 years ago

My pan card is having the name as ‘lastname firstname’, I guess everyone can verify this by logging into, then click on link aadhaar and PAN. So while correcting the aadhaar name, Do I need to give as ‘lastname firstname’?Everyone has the name like this in PAN database.

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