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Government Employment contract and corruption

Assume you have to cross or jump a 3-foot fence to reach the road. If it is an electric fence, but not written on it, you taking the chance of jumping across it is, say, 70%. If a whiteboard is tagged onto the fence with DANGER and SKULL symbols, you …

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Can we eat Gold?

Is Gold edible? We, the middle-class society always used to grumble about the wealthy people saying that ‘they may have Golden plates, but can they eat gold? They also have to eat rice only’ ‘You may be rich or powerful, in the end, you have to eat food only!’ Do …

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Where can we find the excess cash?

None of us will forget 8th November 2016, the day Demonetization was announced by the Government. How much cash was in circulation during that time?  The Annual Report of RBI shows that the total currency (cash) in circulation was Rs.17,77,000 Crores. The latest report of RBI, published in November 2021 …

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