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TDS on cash withdrawal from the Bank

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” – Someone must have reminded the Government of this proverb and from thereon, the Government has relentlessly engaged in linking business’. They don’t want to leave any weak links in any financial transactions. They have done straight links, cross links …

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FAQ on IT return claim

Mr.Sanjay purchased shares of a company, which was later barred from trading, almost seven years ago. Can he claim the loss incurred due to the same while filing his return this year? If yes, under which head should he claim it? We have to refer Section 45 and Section 2(47) …

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FAQ on filing IT return for FY 2019-20

Mr. Vasudev owns 2 flats, one in Basavanagudi and another one at Sanjaynagar. He is staying at Basavangudi and the 2nd flat is empty. The monthly rent of neighboring flat at Sanjaynagar is Rs.25,000 per month.  Mr. Vasudev wants to know how much notional rent he has to consider while …

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