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How much returns can one expect from the Stock Market?

I can confidently say that all of us know that people are making money from trading or investing in shares.  We also know a couple of other facts like (a) investing comes with high risks (b) the returns from shares are higher than from regular Fixed Deposits (c) Shares are …

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A story of massive discounts, investments, and IPO

We love discounts, freebies, and gift hampers.  Yes or No? Earlier, we were looking forward to a Discount sale which used to happen on certain occasions or annually. Gone are those days thanks to online portals/platforms. You can browse 24/7, 365 days, and find discounts on each and every product. …

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What are the cons of following social media posts?

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other media content gives us a lot of knowledge. For some people, maybe enlightenment! It is, indeed, helpful. Having said that, I find a few disadvantages also. If you are a singer, dancer, actor, or artist, by watching hundreds of videos on social media, you …

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