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All about Annual Information Statement(AIS)

A few years back, one of my friends said DATA is the NEW OIL. You collate the data, drill deep and extract the information, i.e., new oil. The Government, precisely, the Income Tax department is now in the business of NEW Oil. Just before writing this note, I logged into …

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Stock Market discussions in gatherings

Family get-togethers facilitate talking to your kith and kin. It used to be a wholesome talking venue in the past. Now, half the time, most of the people are busy browsing their mobiles. On and off we do talk on dry topics like rain (too much rain this year!), weather …

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How much returns can one expect from the Stock Market?

I can confidently say that all of us know that people are making money from trading or investing in shares.  We also know a couple of other facts like (a) investing comes with high risks (b) the returns from shares are higher than from regular Fixed Deposits (c) Shares are …

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