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Point 1: When an employee resigns from the company, he has to give minimum 30 days of notice (and in some roles, even more) and during this period he has to complete the pending tasks, do Knowledge Transfer (KT) and handover the charge. But for the so-called high-profile job ‘Governor …

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Taxation on Buy-back of shares

Meaning: Buy-back of shares, in simple terms, means the purchase by a Company of its own shares in accordance with the provisions of law. There are two modes of buy-back: Direct buy-back- i.e. directly from the shareholders (Off-Market deals) Buyback through stock exchange (On-Market deals) Let us understand the various …

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Union Budget 2018 – a brief write up

You would have got many mails or pdf documents covering the highlights of the Union Budget 2018. Hence, I chose to write only the important points here # 1 – Salaried employees – Currently, Rs.15000 per year towards medical reimbursements and Rs.1600 per month towards travelling allowance is available as …

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