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Wrong claims in IT Returns and its repercussions

Mr Ramakrishna is someone I have known since my birth. Last seen in 1987, he is now a healthy 92-year-old chain smoker, consuming a pack of cigarettes daily. (I often wonder had he invested in ITC shares instead of cigarettes, he would have been owning a luxurious car and a …

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Why is documentation important?

In Hindu mythology, there is a deity named Chitragupta, who is tasked with maintaining records of human actions. Upon arrival at Yamaloka after death, Chitragupta reviews these deeds. If good deeds outweigh the bad, the door to Swarga (heaven) is opened; otherwise, one may end up in hell.  As human …

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What is the Clean Note Policy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

Do you remember the days when fresh banknotes used to be stapled together? Often, the notes would get damaged while removing the staples. We have all experienced receiving torn, bad condition, or soiled notes with writings on them when we received change from shops. Some people even resorted to using …

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