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What is a Startup

The most frequently used term in business news is “startups’ The startups are valued at so many billion dollars, startups are going for IPO, startups are funded by venture funds, startups get incentives, startups turn as unicorns, so on and so forth. What does a startup mean? Whether all newly …

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My trip to Odisha

A 3N/4Days trip to Bhubaneswar – Puri – Konark just ended yesterday. After two years of Corona break, this was our first family trip outside of Karnataka. Odisha was not in our choice of destination. But for the wedding of my colleague, we wouldn’t have gone there at least for …

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Stock Market operations and life lessons

There are many similarities in the way we live and in the way we operate in Stock markets. I have penned a few of them here. Bull and Bear Cycles Stock markets follow a trend, the one where prices keep rising is Bull and the one where it is declining …

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