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Do you have Loans? If so, check whether the EMI has gone up

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased the Repo Rate to 6.25% on 7th December 2022. How does it impact the borrowers and deposit holders? For the borrowers, an increase in the interest rate hurts but the depositors cheer up! Usually, the father is a depositor and the son is a …

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Transformation: Kirana Stores to tech companies to startups

A Kirana store in the corner of the locality is a part of every middle-class Indian’s environment. Balaji Enterprises at Girinagar is operating in the same place, same dimensions with the same people for the last 30 years. A street vendor in front of our house said that he is …

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Google is doing fine. But why are they fined?

“The Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposes a penalty of Rs.1337 Crores and yet another penalty for Rs.936 Crore on Google in a week’s time”. You would have read this in the media recently. This is a brief note on this issue which may be of interest to you. The …

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