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A note on Gift Tax in India

The Gifts were taxed under The Gift Tax Act, 1958 and the same was repealed in 1998. As on date – there is no Gift Tax Act in India. However, Taxing Gifts have come in different avatar under the Income Tax Act. Basic terms to know – The person who …

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What you need to know about the Tenancy Act 2021

The provision of housing or renting of properties is regulated by the State Governments. Accordingly, each state government has its own law and in Karnataka, we have The Karnataka Rent Act, 1999 (as amended in 2001). This law is mostly on paper, not actively used by the parties concerned. To …

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Social media – adding my two cents to the hot discussion

If a foreigner or NRI wants to set up a company in India, it requires a local director (who is a resident in India). The branch of a foreign company requires a local authorized representative. Why? Because if someone wants to contact the company, issue legal notices, make a person …

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