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Transformation: Kirana Stores to tech companies to startups

A Kirana store in the corner of the locality is a part of every middle-class Indian’s environment. Balaji Enterprises at Girinagar is operating in the same place, same dimensions with the same people for the last 30 years. A street vendor in front of our house said that he is …

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Google is doing fine. But why are they fined?

“The Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposes a penalty of Rs.1337 Crores and yet another penalty for Rs.936 Crore on Google in a week’s time”. You would have read this in the media recently. This is a brief note on this issue which may be of interest to you. The …

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Kantara musings

Kantara is a trending topic. After this movie got released, I attended 4 social gatherings. In all, the highlight was Kantara. “Did you watch Kantara?” is a common question; without this, the conversation won’t end, however, short the talk maybe. Some people were boasting, “Yes, I went on the second …

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