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Can we get donations from abroad?

One of the repeated enquiries I got during the COVID period (last 7 months) was about the Registration of Trusts. Many people were in a hurry to start a trust and their most common question was about how to get funds from abroad! By looking at them, I was also …

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Honoring the Honest by Income Tax Department

Those who have filed their Income Tax Return for AY 2020-21 would have got a mail from the IT Department with the above image mentioning “Honoring the Honest-Use/Share the Proud Filer Badge” Hope you remember, a few months back, the Central Government launched a Scheme called Honoring the Honest. The …

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Why is Profession Tax so low when compared to the other taxes?

If you observe, the Government has increased every tax, be it Income Tax, GST, Property Tax, etc., over the years, but not the Profession Tax (PT) and it remains abysmally low. Any employee getting Rs.15,000 per month or Rs.15,00,000 per month, pays just Rs.200 per month as PT. What stops …

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