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Many, if not all of you, would have heard of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS. RSS was established way back in the year 1925 by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, who by profession was a doctor. It was his vision to bring back those bygone days of glory that ancient Hindus once lived.

The role of RSS in Indian history has not been without controversy. The organisation has, till date, been banned 3 times (1948 due to Nathuram Godse’s romance with RSS in his yesteryears, 1975 when everyone on sanity’s side was banned and in 1992 for being linked with the Babri Masjid demolition). On the positive side, the imprint of RSS has forever lingered on all major events that signified the galvanisation of India (e.g. their contribution during the days of partition to help maintain peace and to bring the nation together had won them several accolades. Its volunteers were called “high-spirited and self-sacrificing boys” by Shri. Bhagwan Das, a noted Gandhian and recipient of the Bharat Ratna)

That being said, this article is not about the RSS or their impact on Indian history. It deals with a
much softer topic – the RSS prayer.

Every morning, RSS volunteers under a common ‘shaka’ come together in prayer. The prayer, written by Narayan Bhide, is a wonderful expression of one’s devotion to his motherland. Every word of the prayer has been written in that ink which is squeezed out of fierce patriotism. It deserves to be read and understood.

The prayer, originally in Sanskrit has been translated below. Let us immerse ourselves in it and let our being soak in its beauty.


— – – – * * * * – – – – –

Namaste sada vatsale maatrubhume
Twaya hindubhume sukham varditoham

My loving Motherland, I forever bow to you
Thou, the land of Hindus (i.e. Hindustan), have brought me up with much happiness

Mahamangale punyabhume twadarthe
Patatvesha kayo namaste namaste

O supreme blessed holy land, in your cause may my body be sacrificed.
I bow to you again and again

Prabho shaktiman hindurastrangabhuta
Ime sadarm twam namamovayam

O mighty lord! We, the children of this Hindu land (i.e. Hindustan or Bharat, and now India), bow
down with reverence to you.

Twadiyaya karyaya baddha katiyam
Shubhamashishan dehi tatpurtaye

It is for your work that we have fastened our loins (i.e. resolved ourselves). Confer upon us the
auspicious blessing of its fulfilment.

Ajayyam cha vishwasya dehisha shaktim
Sushilam jagadhyena namram bhavet

Give us the strength to conquer the world.
Make us pure; enable us to spread these virtues throughout the world and make it more gentle.

Shrutamchaiva yat kanthaka kirna marga
Svayam svikritam nah sugam karayet

Give us the knowledge through which we are able to overcome easily, those thorny paths
voluntarily chosen by us.

Samutkarsha nishreya sasyai kamugram
param sadahanam naam veeravratam

Bless us that we be enlightened and that we work without expectations. The sole greatest &
mightiest tool we have is the oath of heroism that we have taken.

Tadanth sphuratwakhsya dheyanishtha
Hridantah prajagartu teevrahnisham

Let this belief pulsate within us, inexhaustibly till the end of our lives. Let us meditate on this belief with all our devotion. Let our hearts be illuminated always with the brilliant flame of this belief

Vijetree cha nah samhatakarya shaktir
Vidhayasya dharmasya samrakshanam

We pray that we, through the strength of our organised actions, achieve victory and are successful in the protection of our dharma.

Param vaibhavam netumetat svrashtram
Samartha bhavatvashisha te brusham

Bless us with the ability that we are able to take our nation to the pinnacle of glory.

Bharat mata ki jai

Glory to Mother India

– – – – – * * * * – – – – –

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