An Advertisement boy is born!

“Barely four days after a legendary Mumbai cricketer retired, Prithvi Shaw, created a sensation by plundering a world record 546 for Rizvi Springfield against St Francis D’Assissi in the elite division of the Harris Shield tournament for senior schoolboys” This is the news item which appeared in all leading newspapers and news channels during this week.

It is our pleasure to witness great cricketers coming out of our soil. Let the almighty give him all the strength to continue his great performance and bring good name and fame to Indian Cricket. Let’s wish him all the best and good luck. This is the typical response from all the common man of India.

However, the Un-Common people of India will respond differently. Maybe,  a walkathon of un-common people to celebrate the achievement of Mr. Prithvi.

Brief introductions about the people who participate in the walkathon are –

GlaxoSmithKlineRun and Catch Mr. Prathvi. He can promote your products Horlicks and Boost. You are very good at creating multiple brands within brands! You have Junior Horlicks, Sub-Junior Horlicks, and Horlicks for Women, etc. This boy is 14 years old and so, you can create a new segment, maybe call it as ‘Junior Adult’ Horlicks!

You can save a lot of money; you may have to pay this boy, 1/100th of what you would have paid otherwise to Mr.Sachin! You can use him for promoting Horlicks in winter season and for Boost in summer season! Two in One offer.

Yamaha – Infact, your Advertisement team need not work too hard to create the Adv material. To promote your 500cc bike, you have to do two simple things – (a) call this bike as ‘Yahama Young Blood 500cc” and (b) You have to simply add a ‘Dot’ after 54, and tell that “highest mileage in its category 54.6 km/ per liter”.

You needn’t bother about the Cricket Career of this boy that he may take care by himself and at the same time you need not worry about the mileage of your bike. Mechanics at your service centers are trained enough to tell the stories about ‘Why the customers are not getting 54.6 km mileage per liter of petrol and under what conditions, they can get this mileage”

Mumbai Indians – You can buy him.

Mr. Prithvi you are SOLD OUT to Mumbai Indians IPL team. They have purchased you for the next season. [is ‘purchased’ a correct word?, if not you can use replace it with ‘bought’ and read]. Beware Mr.Prithvi; they know the art of dropping and dumping!

TimePass Now Newschannel Why only show  him in commercial breaks; he can be featured in Prime Waste Time, say, at 9.30 PM. Mr. Chief Editor, you can  interview you in  your program called ‘Frankly Speaking’ and the probably ask the following questions –

  • How do you feel after scoring 546?
  • Sachin started in 16 and you are just 14 – can you surpass his records?
  • What is your dream? To become the captain of Indian team? When will you feel that you can become the captain?
  • Do you have any girl friends?
  • Given a chance, will you act in movies?
  • Finally, what you would like to tell the audience, the people of India.

Hold on, I can’t give the list of all Un-common participants in Walkathon. But the notables, apart from the above list are, T Shirt Company, Shoe Company, Juice Company, Lighting Company, Traders in Harpic, Garlic, etc. Even mosquito repellant – ALL OUT wants you for their advertisement- “All Others is Out, except me”!

After some time, Walkathon ends and thus you’re Cricketing Career!

Mr.Prithvi, please listen your heart and the wishes of people who have their heart in the right place. If you yield to the corporate call and become their ambassador; you will become like an ambassador car! No takers for you in the long run.

Wish you good luck

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B E Kumar Prasad
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