Healthcare: Right Prescriptions – Part I

  • Don’t buy medicines from the medical shop without prescription. Medical shop person is not component to suggest the medicines. There are a set of people who prescribe the medicines, you may know them and they are called as Doctors!
  • These doctors have unique writing skills; only the medical shops person can understand [this is what we presume] and give you medicine. So, it would be good to check the prescription with the medicines given by the sho
  • It is not a bad idea to check about the tablets, for what disease it is given or so. If it matches with your problem, then you can confidently take the medicine.
  • If the medicine prescribed by your doctor is not available at the medical shop, the shop keeper may give you a substitute.  Some shopkeepers take the liberty of offering substitute to you without even consulting you. If you have made up your mind to buy the substitute, then call your doctor from your mobile in front of him and tell your doctor the name of substitute medicine.  If your doctor says it is ok, then go ahead and buy the substitute; Alternatively, at the time of taking the prescription, ask the doctor whether the drugs are in normal supply and if not, you can ask him to write alternative medicines
  • Do not buy medicine without bill:- If the medical shop owner, refuses to give a bill, then please do not purchase from that shop.  It is very unlikely that he will take responsibility of that medicine sold to you if anything goes wrong.
  • Buy the medicine from reputed shops. Spurious drugs are in more supply than the original drugs. Greedy shop keepers may sell duplicate medicine. So, avoid visiting such shops.
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B E Kumar Prasad
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