India is not a banana republic

Thought for the day

 The more in knowledge you increase, the more humility you should have.

Vitamin K

Digital Signature| Obtaining Digital Signature has become more complicated from today. Please read the attached document. (maybe Sankrathi Gift from CCA to the business community)

Professional Etiquette+

General| Ensure that you won’t lean on to the wall or keep your leg/s against the wall, when you are standing!

Plus Point

India is not a banana republic” – Anand Sharma, Union Minister.

Banana Republic is not a cynical term (though it sounds like that)

Banana republic is a term in political science for a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single, limited-resource product, e.g. bananas

The term banana republic was coined by the American writer O. Henry in 1904


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