Modi Mission – cleaning of Government offices

This information may not go well with Government employees. As I understand, many of the employees are in ‘cursing’ mode – why did we elect Mr. Modi’. He is asking us to clean the office. One of my relatives is working for Post Office at Bangalore. He was telling me that they have received directions to clean the Post Office. Before writing about the initiative, let me write about the Current state of Government Offices.


How our government offices look like?

Have you visited government offices by any chance? No? Make a point to visit either sub-registrar’s office, RTO or any Tax departments. All the government offices have many similarities. Some of them are –

  • Wall Clock – either it is stopped for years or will be showing wrong timing. It will look like an antique as they would have been bought 15 years back or so.
  • Lift If the office happens to be in a multi-storied building, you will have to use lift. Lifts, take it for granted, won’t be working at least 200 days in a year. Assume it is working, it will be very slow! (Also makes some noise now and them). You will also find ‘love marks’ and other graffiti on the doors and body panel of the lifts. 
  • Walls and ceiling – if you enter the office, you will immediate find a change, a change in the atmosphere. You will get ‘dampness’ smell! If you look at the walls and ceiling, mostly they are not painted from the date of its inauguration! The ceiling, especially, will have dampness and you will find seepages (on the top floor or 1-2 floor stand-alone buildings)
  • Tables and chairs – Filled with papers, old or new. You will also find plastic coffee cups stashed one above the other (means not cleared for months). If you notice below the table, you will find overflowing cracked, colorless dustbins. The netted chairs will always have some problem, some nails would have come out, nets would have cut or cracked hands. 
  • Windows – Take it from me; windows wouldn’t have seen water from the date of construction! The dust accumulated on each of these windows will be sufficient to fill 100 feet tunnel. 
  • Toilets – Stinking all the time. Scarcity of water most of the time. Artistic walls made up of spitting of paans or beeda. The doors of toilets will make noise without fail and in 99% cases; you won’t be able to close it!

Someone would have told our PM about it. So, he has taken an initiative of cleaning government offices.


The post offices have received directions to clean their office (maybe other offices also have similar instructions). I understand from my relative that in their office, they have sold old papers. They have collected Rs.60000 towards sale of old papers (deposited to the government, I think so).


Sending photos – They were asked to take photographs of the cleaned offices and mail it to the head office. So, they can’t do ‘eye wash’ cleaning!


Inspection A two member team from Head Office are visiting the office to inspect whether the cleaning is done!


Maybe it looks like a crude method of ‘Mission Cleaning’, but it is the right step. The employees will obviously find it difficult to consume this kind of directions, but for all citizens, it is music to the ears! If private hotels in highways can maintain spic and span toilets, why not Government Bus stands? If private offices can maintain cleanliness, why not government offices? If our house can be kept clean and neat, why not our streets and public places?


A great initiative by Modi government. Hope the same spirit lasts lon

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About B E Kumar Prasad

B E Kumar Prasad
He is a Practicing Chartered Accountant in Bengaluru, India. He has 28+ years of experience in income tax, business setup, and NRI matters. He is also an Insolvency Professional, Registered Valuer (F&SA) and Social Auditor.Prasad welcomes your comments and questions. Please email him at

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joseph cherian pulikkottil
joseph cherian pulikkottil
2024 years ago

a very good initiative….a clean administration requires a clean office…..

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