Sardar Vallababhai Patel Statue will be called as ‘the Statue of Unity’

History Recap:

Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel [31 October 1875 – 15 December 1950] was an Indian barrister and statesman, one of the leaders of the Indian National Congress and one of the founding fathers of the Republic of India. He was often addressed as Sardar, which means Chief in Hindi, Urdu and Persian.Often known as the “Iron Man of India” or “Bismarck of India”, he is also remembered as the “Patron Saint” of India’s civil servants for establishing modern all-India services.

He was raised in the countryside of Gujarat.Vallabhbhai Patel was employed in successful practice as a lawyer. He was the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India.

About the Statue

  • Height – 597 Sft, on completion it will be the tallest statue in the world
  • At river island called Sadhu Bet, Gujarat
  • It will be constructed with steel framing and bronze coating
  • It will take 56 months to complete the project
  • It would cost about Rs. 2500 Crores
  • most of the money will be raised by public contribution
  • The iron needed for this statue and other structures will be collected from farmers of villages all around India in a form of donation of their used farming instruments

About the reaction

This statue is going to be the tallest statue in the world. Let’s imagine how people will react –

  1. Congress: Congress Parliamentary Committee will meet to discuss about this statue and what can be done from their end. Finally, they will decide to build statue of Nehru. Sardar statue will be built on River Narmada and Nehru statue will be built on River Krishna! The height of the statue will be 600 Sft.

[Attitude: act of copying! Nothing innovative, but can’t digest the acts of others!]

  1. JDU – Nitesh Kumar: Will quickly announce the Statue of Buddha at Bihar! “Desire is the cause of suffering” is what Buddha said. This Buddu [Nitesh Kumar] without applying his mind announce the statue of Buddha.

[Attitude: act of hatred; his mind is full of negative thoughts; this is overplaying his right sense]

  1. Mayavathi – She will announce the Statue of Elephants, rather than human beings! Anyway elephants are big in size and it is not a bad idea to build a big elephant statue!

[Attitude: If Modi, PM Candidate can do a Statue, I am also on PM race. Let me not miss this opportunity just for the sake of not doing one statue! Not willing to let go any opportunity]

  1. Mamatha – she will start building many statues of 5 feet each!, maybe, Tagore Statues!

[Attitude: Can’t think big, always settle for small things. This is not the act of content; this is the act of small mind]

  1. Siddaramaiah – He decides not to build the statue of human beings or big animals. He will do decide to do something to his people and build a statue of one small animal, say, Sheep! He will immediately announce –

“Metro Bittakro;

Statue Kattro”

 [Attitude: act of inferiority complex]

  1. Jayalalitha – Neither the statue of human beings – dead or alive; nor the statue of animals. She will build her own Statue. She will announce a statue at the tip of India – Kanya “Kumari Jayalalithaa” Statue.

[Attitude: ‘I am no Less’ to anyone attitude; self portray]

  1. Reliance: Will file an application to Gujarat Government and get 500 acres allotted in the name of Reliance Statue Limited [RSL] and start building statues in large scale!

[Attitude: seizing the opportunity; wherever it comes]

  1. Pakistan: will immediately think, how to destroy the statue of unity? Can we place a bomb at the foundation now and it should blast on the day of inauguration. If required, they will experiment by bombing [rehearsal] one of the statues at Pakistan!

[Attitude: Mind of destruction; No help to mankind]

  1. China: will not announce; but start building a statue of 5000 Feet and complete it in the next 24 months. Sardar Statue is in Bronze and they will build one in Gold! For the next 10,000 years one country can build such a large and tall statue 

[Attitude: aggressive, bold and beautiful and most importantly bulldozing nature; no one can challenge us attitude]

  1. Narendra Modi : Looking at the opportunity in so many statue work; he will announce –

(a)   A new course in Engineering colleges at Gujarat –  Civil Statue Engineering

(b)  A new course in National Law School, Ahmadabad – BA LLB  in Statutes and Statues 

[Attitude: of forward thinking and innovative]

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