Siddu’s feat falls like ninepins – News

This was the heading of an article published in the newspaper during the first week of July, 2014. The article was about ‘the performance appraisal in the Lok Sabha elections’ meeting that the Karnataka CM had with the Congress Committee in Delhi. The CM went to Delhi claiming with pride that Karnataka’s tally of 9 is the highest in the pool of 44 MPs that the Congress won across the country. But the committee asked CM for an explanation for not winning 15 seats! So, the article that appeared in the newspaper was aptly named as ‘feat falls like ninepins

By the way what is this ‘ninepins’ all about?

Ninepin is a bowling game (also called as Skittles or bowling alley) in which you try to make bottle-shaped wooden objects fall by rolling a plastic ball at them. So, falling like ninepins means knocking all 9 pins in one strike or one ball.

About the game: It is an European game, played by over 1,30,000 registered members. World Ninepin Bowling Association (WNBA), Austria is the governing federation of this game. This game was developed in 1895. 

Is it the same bowling alley that we see in clubs here? Not exactly the same. What we see in India is a Tenpin bowling alley game. The governing body is Tenpin Bowling Federation of India (TBFI), based out of Bangalore. It organizes the National Bowling League comprising of championships for amateurs, corporate teams as well as national tour for professionals. Former Finance Minister’s son, Mr. Karti P Chidambaram is the president of this federation.

Next time, Mr.CM if you fail to deliver what your boss wants, the newspapers may write ‘Feat falls like tenpins’! So, take care!

Thought for the day

Sometimes we can’t stop ourselves from falling, but we can put ourselves to get up and try again. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall

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