Suspended Coffee – Have you heard about it?

It’s simple – people pay in advance for a coffee meant for someone who cannot afford a warm beverage. The tradition with the suspended coffees started in Nepal, but it has spread all over the world and in some places you can order not only a suspended coffee, but also a sandwich or a whole meal.

For example,                                                                                  

  • Ankush goes to Janatha Hotel and pays the price of two coffees but consumes only one. He will deposit the extra coupon a box kept at the hotel. [ something like the Cry charity box kept at cashier’s desk]
  • Someone, say, Mr.Needy enquires with Janatha hotel whether they have any suspended coffee available and if coupons are available in the box, he will be served a coffee for free

Hello Ankush: sorry, this system is not there at Janatha Hotel. Forget Janatha Hotel, this system is not there in India

Let’s take this point forward – assume this system comes to India, what all can happen –

Scene 1:

  • Let’s call it as ‘Gandhi Suspended Coffee Scheme [GSCS]’
  • Government of India [GOI] through an Ordinance, make it compulsory to obtain a card called – ‘Suspended Coffee Card’ [Something like Aadhar Card]
  • One of the CEOs from IT Company will head this task force. [Give the back end IT work to the companies where he is having shares]
  • Apart from the needy people, all effluent class, politicians, police, etc will obtain this card
  • One social activist will file Public Interest Litigation [PIL] at the Supreme Court that Below Poverty Line [BPL] card should be sufficient to avail the benefit and the new card is unnecessary.
  • Supreme Court asks the government to give the benefit to all BPL card holders.

Scene 2:

  • All India Hotel Owners Association will appeal to the Government to supply Coffee powder, milk at a subsidized rate, so that they can offer coffee at a lower rate
  • Government of Karnataka [GOK] announces the subsidy scheme through Co-operative Banks and Societies [Subsequently, Co-op banks won’t get the reimbursement from Government, however in government books it will  be shown as ‘paid’]
  • All the star hotels grab the main share, though this scheme is meant for small hotels like Janatha, Adigas, etc

Scene 3:

  • “Time Pass Now”  new channel through their ‘BREAKING NEWS’ [BARKING NEWS?] breaks a news – “Suspended Coffee- Gate” Scam.
  • The main anchor of the channel comes on Prime News Time with 5 more panelists. As usual, he will shout on top of the voice [as if we can’t hear him properly] and won’t allow the panelists to complete any sentences. The moment the panelist open their mouth, the main anchor ‘Barks’ and stops them half way.
  • Government sets up an enquiry committee, headed by a retired Judge. [Judge retires at the age of 65 and then at the time of healing his legs, he will head [or tail] one committee]
  • Finally, some honest officers who have signed the documents will be Suspended from the job and again headline in news channels – “ Exclusive in Time Pass Now – in Suspended coffee –Gate scheme one IAS officer is Suspended’
  • Someone at the Gate of Minister’s Office will get Gate Pass [for allowing the social activist to barge into the office] and again in the news – Coffee Gate gives another Gate Pass to Security Guard’

Scene 4:

  • The people who are responsible for floating this scheme, making it as Scam will be sitting in Air conditioned rooms, sipping “suspended Coffee”
  • Time Pass Now, the news channel gets into another report called “Dismissed Tea-Gate”  

Last Scene

  • We the people, having notoriously short memory about public events, will be deeply involved, watching BARKING news about ‘Dismissed Tea Gate”
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B E Kumar Prasad
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