World Mosquito Day was yesterday!

What should I say? Happy world mosquito day! 20th August 2022 is observed as World Mosquito Day.

You may be surprised to know that the size of the world mosquito repellent market is over Rs.50,000 Crore! Keep another Rs.10,000 Crore for home remedies and natural or organic controls!

Wait, what about hospitals?  

Mosquitos are a major contributor to the healthcare industry. Take, for example, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika (sounds like a car name!), Filariasis, Yellow Fever, etc.

For instance, Malaria alone accounts for 2.50 Crore cases worldwide. Not just that, over 6,50,000 people die, thanks to Mosqz.

A tiny mosquito, a small bite, but a big economic bite globally! Short-lived, so to say, just 40 to 50 days, but creates so much impact. I am not gender biased, but we should know that only the stings of the female mosq spread disease!

Eradication of mosquitoes is a big business worldwide. My Tech friends, any apps, please!

While mosquitos are sucking our blood, scientists developed cricket cookies (I am referring to CRICKET INSECT) for human consumption! Its intention is not to take revenge on mosquitoes, but to normalize the practice of insect eating to avert food scarcity in the future.

Happy reading!

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B E Kumar Prasad
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4 months ago

Amazed by knowing these facts.

NK Prasad
NK Prasad
5 months ago

We need to keep our surrounding clean and let them not breed. Government can’t do every thing all by itself. Citizen also have to chip in.

Chandresh m b
Chandresh m b
5 months ago

Yes sir very good article 👏

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