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Types of Mutual Funds










In continuation of my previous article, i have listed out the funds under Equity and Non-Equity categories.

Equity Funds

  • Index Fund
  • Large Cap Fund
  • Small Cap Fund
  • Mid Cap Fund
  • Arbitrage Fund
  • Sector Specific Fund
  • Diversified Fund
  • Open Ended Fund
  • Close Ended Fund
  • ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes)
  • Growth Fund
  • Value Fund
  • Dividend Yield Fund or Equity Income Fund
  • Balanced Equity Fund
  • ETF (if the underlying assets are equitys, for example Index ETF)


Non – Equity Funds

  • Debt Fund
  • Money Market Fund
  • Liquid Fund
  • Interval Fund
  • Monthly Income Plan (MIP)
  • Fund of funds (FOF)
  • Gilt Fund
  • Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)
  • Balanced Debt Fund
  • ETF (if the underlying asset is other than equity, for eg: commodity ETF)


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