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What the Central Government is not doing?


After the victory of AAP in Delhi, today’s newspapers have carried a lot of articles and reports about ‘lessons to PM Modi’. Everyone has made it a point to suggest or advice our PM. I don’t want to be the odd man out. I would also like to join this bandwagon, but with a difference.


Let me write a couple of comments before getting into the topic-


  • Our housemaid was telling “I thought Modi will reduce Rent. Nothing has happened” and she continued “ They asked us to open a bank account telling that we will be given Rs.5000, that also has not happened” and she concluded “let them come again, we will not vote for him
  • One of my friends had two grievances – (a) Our PM is lecturing about ‘Make in India’ but he was wearing a suit worth Rs.10 Lakhs stitched in London (b) He should have reduced the prices of Rice, Dal, Cooking oil, etc.
  • One more person was telling that “He is doing it all for big industrialists, nothing is done for the common man
  • One of the party workers was telling It is becoming too much, except for the top three, no one else has a voice in the party or government
  • One of the journalists was telling “ UPA was better, at least they were returning our calls. This government is arrogant, no one attempts to return our call” 


To be fair, the Central Government is trying to do something good for the country. But from the above comments, it is very certain that their action plan is not reaching the people of this country.


So, the government should communicate better with the people of this country. Let me list out a couple of programs and what they can do about it.


(a)  Jan Dhan Yogana – It is a good scheme. This scheme can potentially curb corruption and make a cashless society in the long run. But have you ever heard or seen any advertisements by the government about the Short term benefits and Long term benefits of this scheme? No one from the government is conveying the importance of this scheme.


(b)  Make in India – It is also a good scheme. Unfortunately, the government is not communicating to the people about the benefits from this scheme. People are thinking that this scheme will help big industrialists. Why can’t the government tell the people that Make in India can create lakhs of jobs for all people and thereby the standard of living of poor people will go up? Make in India is not instant like making a juice that from the time it is launched it will yield the results; it will take atleast 1-2 years. Why is no one conveying this message?


(c)  Swachh Bharat – I have already written about this (Read. Four issues which are glaringly missing in Swachh Bharat Mission). What is the action plan of the government to address the important issues to make India clean? Why is the government not acting on this? The message is not going well with the people.


(d)  Foreign tours – People are thinking that our PM is busy in foreign countries. Why the government is not telling that ‘India has the space and the people, but what is lacking is money. It is only with foreign participation that growth can be achieved. Our PM is making efforts to get investments


(e)  Issues other than development – Why is no one from the government ‘clarifying that “none of the problems are created by the government. If anyone is disturbing the civil society, they will be punished”. The silence is not going down well with the people.


Mann Ki Baat – Our PM has chosen a right platform to address the nation. It is indeed a great medium where he can communicate with the people. Unfortunately, each time he comes on Radio, he is talking about some issues which are nothing to do with his government policies. He sounds as if he is preaching like any other Guruji. Won’t it be a good idea for him to talk something like ‘progress report’ or report card till date? He can actually speak about each of their schemes/ policies, its benefits in short term and long term.


Agriculture – Over 51% of Indians are living in rural India depending upon agricultural income. After this government came into power, we have not heard even a single sentence from the agricultural minister of this country. Government has also not rolled out any policies or schemes for agricultural sector. Have they chosen not to speak? Or will they take up this issue later? Why are they not communicating this aspect with the people?


The patience of the people is running out. They are not getting a clear roadmap or direction from the government. They government is also not telling the benefits of schemes which they have launched so far.


Hope the government will act soon.

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