Death by accident

Two women were killed and seven others, including a four-year-old girl, were injured when a 27-year-old software engineer allegedly ran over them on Hosur Road near Bommanahalli.Police said Karthik, who was allegedly speeding, first hit a couple of people crossing the road before losing control and hitting people standing by the roadside. (News dated 17th May 2015)

A software engineer was killed and 10 others injured when a tempo traveller, in which they were travelling, collided with a car near Vydehi Hospital on Whitefield Road early on Tuesday. (News dated 13th May 2015)

Newly married couple dies. The car in which they were travelling had hit the divider, lost control and collided with a bus that was coming from the opposite direction. The couple died on the spot. The accident victims were returning to Bangalore on Monday evening after attending their relative’s marriage in Kerala (News dated 12th May 2015)

How do we feel when we hear the above news? For once, we will stop breathing, isn’t it? While we say that we have to be very careful on road, there is another school of thought. ‘However careful you may be, whatever has to happen is bound to happen’. ‘If destiny is so, nothing can stop it’. Even those who believe in this theory can practice the following –

  1. Avoid use of mobile phones (talking, browsing or checking mails or messages) while driving. Keep the phone inside the glove box (don’t keep the phone in your sight). Put the phone on silent mode. 
  1. Focus on the road while driving. The co-passengers will distract your mind showing boards, hoardings, scenery, passing by cars, etc. but as a driver, 100% focus on road is a prerequisite. 
  1. In case of rash driving (including a public transport bus, auto or taxi), get up from the seat and suggest ‘sensible’ driving. Trust me, if we take the lead, other co-passengers will join us. 
  1. Don’t overtake, especially in curves/bends, blind spots, city limits, etc. By speeding, how much early can one reach the destination? 30 minutes? Can’t one sacrifice it for a safe drive? 
  1. While walking/standing, avoid walking/standing on the road. (Use footpath). I have seen people using phones while walking (talking, messaging etc.). These people are highly prone to getting run over by the vehicles or falling into a pit. 
  1. Avoid driving if you are sleepy. Also avoid night driving (early morning between 3-4 am) on highways. Chances of accidents during this time is very high 
  1. Don’t let your mood take control of the speed of the vehicle. When you are angry, you will tend to speed the vehicle. When you are joyful, listening to fast beat songs, you will tend to speed the vehicle. There is a high chance of accidents in those moments.


These apart, go by the rule book when it comes to road safety. Avoid taking chances. Despite all measures, something may wrong. The birth of a human is an accident but death is a law! So, if it is a law, let’s live by it.


Kindly pass the message to all your friends and known people. Maybe, this can be one of the topics of discussion during socializing with family and friends.


Thought for the day 

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.



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