Have you heard about Girl Math?

This topic gained the attention of mainstream media recently. So, I casually asked my kids about it. To my surprise, my second daughter was quick to respond! I was shocked to see her knowledge of the trending topic! Looking at this, my first daughter added – ‘Appa, don’t be overly proud of her! This shows that she is spending more time on Instagram than on her studies!’

She was right! This is the topic that originated from TikTok and Instagram and finally drew the attention of mainstream media.

I thought of explaining this in my own way with examples!

Type # 1 – Trip budgeting: Assume you estimate a trip cost as Rs.20,000 and upon your return from the trip, you are left with Rs.3,000 cash. If you think that Rs.3,000 is extra and available for any discretionary spending, which can be spent the way you want since Rs.3,000 is already accounted as part of the trip and any savings a free money; this is Girl math!

Type # 2 – If you order online for Rs.300 worth of items, it comes with an extra charge of Rs.100 as delivery charges. Instead, order items (that may be remotely required) worth Rs.500 to get free delivery. This is another variation of Girl Math.

Type # 3 – You buy membership from time-sharing travel companies and don’t count the interest on the investment as your annual cost! You consider whatever is already paid is accounted for. It is sunk already; there is no need to calculate the interest on it. You feel happy that the number of days is free to stay in a year, a sort of Girl math idea!

Type # 4 – Assume you get an income tax refund! Girl Math says it’s free money or extra money or the money that you never expected and can be spent generously!

Type # 5 – What is there in the bank is serious money for financial planning! The cash available is disposable; with its value perceived as lesser (mind math) than the money in the bank; hey it’s a girl math idea.

Type # 6 – Any item comes with a cheap or lesser price tag, and is almost free, justifying spending on it.

Is it not ridiculous? No, not really. Come on friends, finding happiness in simple things and allowing for a bit of carefree spending is perfectly fine. Girl math is a no-brainer. So what? Life does require happiness and if that comes from silly ideas like girl math; so be it. Embracing such light-hearted ideas can add a touch of joy to life.

Happy Sunday.

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B E Kumar Prasad
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